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Jun 10,  · If you just landed an office job and you already have an appropriate wardrobe (or an extra $ lying around to buy all new clothes) you're all set. On the other hand, if you look into your closet and only see jeans, t-shirts, and the suit you borrowed from your roommate to wear to the job interview, you have a problem%(86).
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Welcome to the most thorough round-the-world packing list you’ll ever find! I’ll tell you what to bring, what not to bring, and why. Unlike lists written by newbies before they depart, my RTW packing list uses years of road-tested experience to argue for or against each item.
Dec 12,  · Subject: Re:Where do you buy work clothes? Anonymous Especially because I’m a pants (not skirts) gal, for a few reasons: short-waisted, small-chested, and now that I’m in my mids, feet that can’t tolerate heels more than once every two weeks.
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Dec 12,  · Subject: Re:Where do you buy work clothes? Anonymous Especially because I’m a pants (not skirts) gal, for a few reasons: short-waisted, small-chested, and now that I’m in my mids, feet that can’t tolerate heels more than once every two weeks.

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A house with an extra bedroom, master bathroom and an updated kitchen. Then I stop and remind myself: Your house works fine and you should be happy to have it. No need to spend more! I have to remind myself of that on a daily basis too. Life is good and we are very lucky to have more than we need: Now buying for my daughter is a whole other ball game! Definitely not a huge amount, but not nothing: What a great article. I will share it with my community.

Thank you so much. I believe that we waste so much money in clothes. I just ran across your blog, YES, this is exactly what I needed.

I need somewhere to go, someone to guide me thought this challenge. I am pretty frugal, not as frugal as you, I might add. I see so much excess everywhere I turn! I feel like it would be such a gratifying feeling in the end, like a HUGE sale and would lead to many other good habits — buy only what you need, another goal! Thankful I found you!!

You can totally do this challenge—woohoo! It has definitely led to other good habits around spending for me. All in all, it really has made me a much more mindful consumer. Wow, a whole year! I love clothes, but have no cohesive eye, so I end up with lovely and overpriced! Far too many items have only been worn once or twice- and some not at all. Whatever I make off my old clothing proceeds is my clothing budget, full stop, and I only buy high-quality items that I love for a good price often consignment or eBay items themselves.

And, I like that you then translate that into your clothes budget. What a good way to keep a lid on things. Frugal Hound says thank you! Synthetic underwear are the only way to go… especially for active people. Wash easy and dry quickly. Very breathable and comfortable. We went hiking last weekend in 20 degree weather and were totally fine thanks to our good wind shells, hats, mittens, etc.

And, totally agree on the synthetic undies—we love our Ex Officio-brand! Thanks so much for reading! I love your outfits! I hope this might be helpful to your mom. This is an awesome post. Many thanks my friend! Your winter and summer styles sound very similar to Mr. I recently bought a pair of jeans and a couple of new khakis for work, but other than that think was probably the least I have ever spent on clothes.

I will think about this post next time I am tempted to buy something and will probably put it down. Thanks for increasing my savings rate so I can retire even sooner!

And, best of luck in ! Thank you so much for reading and fangirling ;. Frugal Hound is very flattered. I did a no-shopping-unless-I-could-eat-it month in July inspired by the minimalism book Joy of Less by Francine Jay. I was and still am trying to break the impulse to consume. I would often go shopping when I felt down or bored. The minimalism effort helped me to get rid of a lot of clothes that did not fit or did not flatter me.

Now I only keep clothes that I love and that make me look great. I have a lot of hand-me-downs from friends that are more stylish than I am so I have plenty to last me for a few years I hope , but I need to focus on staying the same size!

People have also noticed that I am dressing better because now I only have clothes that look great. I have had the opposite journey of Mrs. FW in that I used to care more about being comfortable than being stylish. Now I try to be both with the help of a bunch of stylish hand-me downs!

I have also noticed that the style of jeans changes more often than I realized. I have some boot cut jeans that no one except me wears anymore! I also realize that skirts and dresses never seem to go out of style. I will be hosting my own garage sale of stuff that no longer serves me next weekend that includes a lot of clothes! FW for your continued inspiration!

Looking good and feeling good about your appearance are definitely important in my opinion. Jeans do have an annoying tendency to change styles. Also, yes skirts and dresses tend to endure the style shifts better than pants I think. It is refreshing to read about no spendng and removing temptation by not being around shops.

I chose exercise and focus on heath and fitness to lose myself in. I completely agree with you, Sara! Thanks so much for sharing! This is awesome, and really inspiring! I think that takes a lot of the guess work out of frugality.

Of course, that could just as easily be me making excuses for a small shopping habit… I think the only way to find out is to give this a shot, and try my best not to allow for excuses, even if it means doing laundry a bit more often. I just have way too many clothes right now! Congrats for losing the weight!

And, sounds like you need to hit up the thrift stores: My job is kinda stuffy so I have to wear blazers etc. How many pairs of black dress pants does any person need. I should post some pictures of my closet for public shaming.

Love that your hubby still have clothes from high school! Firstly, bless you and your writing. It is so nice to read an article that is written so well. I go back and forth everyday, but I love your reflection on your own experience.

I recently got inspired to do something similar after reading a great line on The Minimalists website. They also comment, as you did, on the ease of getting dressed in the morning. Combine both of those with the money saved and it sounds like a win, win, win scenario!

Pink, Brooks Brothers etc. Not too many hipsters or students grabbing the bargains. Also, you can get tons of quality khaki pants at those same locations.

Paid for my clothes. Do the same with clothes. Those sound like some great menswear tips! I love your style!! Leggings are basically the greatest clothing invention ever. I have tried doing spending freezes in the past but have such a hard time sticking with them, regardless of what they were for. I know the benefits and can see how my life would change if I could do it but I still have trouble.

It is inspiring to see someone who made it through an entire year. Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you accomplished your goal and now on to round 2! I feel like sending you a roll of duct tape, a needle and thread and scrap fabric-this challenge could go on a looong time!

I find it interesting that some of my favorite clothes are hand me downs, free box finds or garage sale treasures. Even my kids love the thrill of looking for great items at consignment shops and garage sales.

But I still have a closet full of clothes Less laundry and decision making when it is pared down! Thank you so much, Amy! Wish I could keep that in mind when I do gain!

I have two sizes in my wardrobe, one for the fit me and the other is for when I gain back those 10lbs again. I would have a fab wardrobe and less need to buy clothes if I stuck to my fit weight. Ahh yes, I have plenty of larger sizes hanging out in my closet too… but I agree with you, best to stay in shape! I really really want to do this! Maybe this will be my challenge starting June 1st!! Did you have fun playing around with outfits at first?

For me, I just set a date and went cold turkey on not buying. I have to just cut myself off entirely: Over time, it totally becomes the new normal. While you could likely make a lot in your wardrobe work, I highly suggest you pick up a few key maternity pieces especially for near the end. I like their Liz Lange black pants, which are super comfy but still appropriate for work.

I had two pairs of those, a few nice tops, two dresses, a pair of maternity shorts, and a few t-shirts and made it work. But if you find your clothes getting tight, I encourage you to be okay with either buying a few pieces or trying hard to find a friend who will loan you some clothes. The challenge is still going strong!

But, I appreciate the suggestions in case I do find I need some items! Glad to hear you have hand-me-downs! I was fine until past 20 weeks with what I had, but it was increasingly evident I was getting huge and needed the right size after that. I have been doing a no clothes shopping year in My motivation for this is 2-fold… I have been off work on long-term sick leave for 2 years and looking at ways to save us money AND i am extremely passionate about sustainability and doing what I can to help the environment.

Congrats on doing the no-clothes buying in ! And, I agree with you about the sustainability aspect—less consumption is fantastic. Btw your motivations are eerily similar to mine!

Mad respect sister insert fist in the air hehe! I am very inspired by your ban. I love finding something fashionable or expensive for pennies, but I know that even my thrift store receipts add up to quite a bit. I really, really want to try and accomplish this goal — do you have any tips to help me stay motivated and less tempted?

Also, I wanted to share with you the name of a baby consignment shop in Belmont — Growing Up. My husband and I are followers of Christ and actually began our own clothing ban a couple of years ago as a sort of radical experiment to be more counter-cultural. It was transformative in many of the ways you describe here. However, I now have trouble buying clothes that I really need, as it is such a wrestle for me over every purchase I now make. I go back and forth over what I should buy new and used.

Your guidelines are an immense help for me in this as I am working on building my wardrobe again. However, I am in great need of flats I love that you reject wearing heels too — we are kindred souls! I noticed that you have some nice and comfortable looking flats in your pictures. How do you find those in the colors and size you need at a reasonable price? The only ones I have found that are cheap scrub my heels and have no padding.

I would love to know whether you spend more on shoes or not. I wear shoes until they fall apart, which means it is probably ok for me to spend a lot and get the best quality, but I still hate investing so much in something like that. I have also been looking for a good place to buy some nice pants. Would you link me to the specific shoes that you get from Target?

But I have a strict one-in, one-out policy, and a lot of my clothes get worn until they really are falling apart. I patch, and mend, and make new if I can since I like to sew, but keeping a limited wardrobe is really nice. Also since I enjoy the new method of folding ala MarieKondo all of one season fits into a drawer, minus my dresses in my closet and my big sweaters.

I stopped working last year to stay home and take care of my baby, so logically I have no need to shop really, but I think it had always been something that makes me feel better about myself.

My husband even pointed out that no matter what my clothing budget was, I always went over. I have been struggling with a shopping addiction for all my adult life, always spending more than I earn on my appearance.

Then, in the store, I justify spending more than I can afford because quality pieces are an investment, right? It has to stop!

You have inspired me. No more pointless shopping! I did this about 6 years ago for a year Jan to Dec. I love sewing and created many new items out of old items by up cycling them. Even today, years later, I am not a big spender on clothes at all, I buy very little new except underwear, nightwear and shoes when I need them , but even then I shop only once a year perhaps twice.

Not only have I saved loads of cash I also end up with rather unique clothes, rather than the run of the mill shop bought things, that everyone wears. Thanks to this fabulous blog, November is my first Uber Frugal month! Frugal Hound or your baby!

Tied for cuteness for sure. My husband and I are on our own frugal journey towards financial freedom. We were struggling in NH bearly keeping our head above water.

We budgeted every single penny but never seemed to move up. Finally in April of , His parents graciously offered us a room in their house in Washington state rent and utilities and food too FREE of charge! My husband instantly got a job and his parents payed for his cross country flight in June. It has been an adventure living in just one small room and sharing the rest of the house with his parents but we have been able to do GREAT things!!!!

One of the great things to come for us is this very challenge!!! With a little bit of change I was able to improve my style with the idea that less is more. I have a closet with 20 mix and match pieces not including base wardrobe ie… Outdoor clothes, work out clothes, under garments and lounge clothes that total about 15 pieces.

I have found this to be very freeing. Not only am I utilizing ALL of my wardrobe but I was able to create a style all my own for the first time in my life!! Now I want to take this challenge so I can implement the things I have!!!

Did you have to stock up on a few things before starting this challenge like undies or the like or were you just good to go?

Did you find there were things you missed? I would love to hear more about this idea! Thank you for the inspiration and your continued dedication to the art of frugality!!!! Congrats on embracing a frugal lifestyle, Amy! The subsequent posts in this series delve into this idea even more. Hopefully they help too: I loved the info and the reality check you gave.

I just wanted to mention that you might want to edit the title of this article. Thank you and keep up the great work! I am new to this site so may not be posting in the right place but I have a question.

I only shop second hand stores and have for years — just love to find a bargain. My question is about weight changes. I have been on and off diets for eons and have had to buy more clothes as my weight increases. I am sick of paying for weight loss programs that I fail at. Does anyone have a really simple idea for losing weight and then maintaining so I could get my wardrobe in one proper size and know that it will fit the next year.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give me. I had to lose 15 pounds from my baby weight my goal was to not buy new clothes. I too took 4 years off on buying clothes. This was a self-imposed hiatus of taking time off to be with my babies. When I was working I would buy the latest trends 2x a year for summer and winter.

Whenever I moved I purged not because they were destroyed or stained but because I got tired of the item or I wanted space which now to me feels like what a waste.

I still give my husband grief about giving up dresses I still loved. It makes you think twice now. I still have brand new flats from last time I worked and have lots of heels from my single days. So now the money I would have used for clothes and extras will go towards saving up for a home out goal is 1 year from now!

What a year without clothes did for me. She went a year without buying any clothes! No workout clothes, no casual clothes, nothing. Frugalwoods about her clothes shopping free Your email address will not be published. Love this wrap dress, which I found at a thrift store. My side of the closet. There was an error submitting your subscription. January 5, at 7: January 5, at January 6, at January 6, at 7: November 25, at 6: November 17, at Jayson Monster Piggy Bank says: January 5, at 1: How To Save Money says: Shannon Financially Blonde says: January 5, at 8: January 5, at 3: John Frugal Rules says: Brian Debt Discipline says: January 5, at 4: January 5, at 9: January 6, at 8: Nordstrom — If I had to name my favorite store, it would be Nordstrom.

Their customer service is top-notch and they have stylish, well-made clothes at every price point. I have used their free personal shopping service many times to help me pull outfits together. Ann Taylor is the original home of the interview suit, in my opinion. Wait for one of their great sales to pick up some investment pieces. Check out this grey suit jacket has matching skirt and pants for summer interviews! I love this coral blazer! Zara — Zara has trendy options for men and women.

Ann Taylor Loft — Loft, a division of Ann Taylor, has trendy merchandise that is perfect for the office. You cannot go wrong with this black blazer , perfect to throw over a dress in a chilly office! Target — Now that I work mainly from home on my computer, I hate to spend a ton of money on clothes that I am just going to sit around in on a day-to-day basis.

Target has stylish, well-priced basics that are perfect for work-at-home people like me! Where do you shop for work clothes?

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In others, the environment was more business casual. It was always a struggle to find clothes that were stylish, unique and affordable. I am all for buying investment pieces, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on every single item! Here are some suggestions for the best places to buy stylish, yet affordable, work clothes: 1. J. Dec 12,  · Subject: Re:Where do you buy work clothes? Anonymous Especially because I’m a pants (not skirts) gal, for a few reasons: short-waisted, small-chested, and now that I’m in my mids, feet that can’t tolerate heels more than once every two weeks. I love Hobbs, but only buy machine washable as dry cleaning is an expensive waste of time. You can do a filter for machine washable only clothes on their site. The clothes are a bit more expensive but last well and are cut well and I buy in the sales.