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May 26,  · However, there are certain types of gift cards that may come from Gap Inc. corporate or from a company-sponsored fund-raiser (for schools and such), which allow the gift card to be used at any of the major 3 Gap Inc brands (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic).Status: Resolved.
I used two gift cards and a credit card to pay for a recent order with Banana Republic. One of the items was cancelled; this was the second item that I ordered this holiday season that was /5().
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The eGiftCard may be redeemed for merchandise at any Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Athleta location, including Outlet and Factory stores. The eGiftCard may also be redeemed online for merchandise at,,, or
a gift card by mail

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Other terms and conditions may apply to the online purchase of Gift cards. Click here to view the site Terms of Use. If you order our gift card with other items, please note that it will ship separately. Shipping and handling charges are complimentary for standard delivery. Redeeming a gift card is easy.

Just shop and check out as you normally would. During Checkout you can then enter your gift card number into the gift card entry fields on the Billing Page or the Order Review page. You will need to enter both the digit gift card number and the 4-digit PIN on the back of your gift card.

When you click the "Apply" button, you will get a confirmation message indicating that the gift card has been applied to your order. You may apply a maximum of 5 gift cards per order. To enter more than one gift card, enter the first gift card number and 4-digit PIN and click the "Apply" button. You will see a confirmation message that your gift card has been applied. Then enter your second gift card number and 4-digit PIN and click apply. You will see a confirmation message that your second gift card has been applied.

If it doesnt say Old Navy or Banana Republic or have the brand's logo on it, it cannot be used. Like you already know: A person can open an account at all 3 stores but request that the accounts be combined to receive only 1 bill. This action cannot be handled in the store. Some customers choose to open the card at each store to take advantage of the coupons you get when you apply and get approved for the card. I work at Old Navy. Old Navy Gap Credit Card.

Well I know that you can use the credit Cards at all three.. Ive tried it before at banana Republic. But I could be wrong , but hey one girl says she has tried it before. I've almost got it Old Navy gift cards are for Old Navy. I every time spend my half an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Online it is not clear if you are at the factory store or regular store. All owners by the same company. I will not be shopping with Banana Republic again. Their customer service stinks. I ordered some clothes online and they never arrived, so I called customer service. It turns out I had accidentally shipped them to an old address. The packages had been delivered and signed for, but I couldn't get them.

It was completely my fault and I was ready to take the loss, but they very generously offered to ship me a new order to right address!! I was so happily surprised! And the best part is that there was almost no hold time on the phone at all. I bought a couple of clothes from this store. After I paid with my credit card the cashier and her friend who was also checking my credit card information chased after me to sign up with Godaddy.

I refused to do so. A few days later, an unauthorized charge showed up on my credit card and I ended up cancelling the card.

It appeared to me that they pass your credit card information to their friends. Never use a credit card at this store! I placed an order for a pair of boots on August 19th. A few days later I checked in on the item, and it has not shipped yet. I emailed to inquire and was told that my item will arrive on the 30th regardless. Earlier this week I checked again, and the item no longest exists. I emailed to inquire and was told again to be patient, and wait for August 30th.

Yesterday night I received an email that said the item may or may not exist, and will be shipped to me as soon as possible. Today, I found out that my order is cancelled without my knowledge. No email was sent. The only reason I knew was because I saw the return charge on my credit card. Why are you selling items that don't even exist, and waste customers' time by not telling us right away when you knew all along that we will never get the item at all?

I could have used these last two weeks to find another pair of boots - that actually exist - instead of waiting for an order that was never going to arrive at all. But here's the other problem: I haven't bought anything from Banana Republic in the last few years because at some point you stopped designing for and appealing to young professional women.

The last time I ordered something and didn't return it was back in Remember the Anna Karenina capsule collection back in ? The Mad Men capsule collection in ? You guys were actually paying attention to trend inspirations from popular culture, and offered the styles that were about to explode. Now, it looks like you're designing in a detached bubble and are churning out the same things over and over again. I don't know who that coat was meant for Cruella de Vil?

For starters - animal skins belong to their living owners not humans, quality materials not faux prints, and reasonably priced merchandise. Not to mention, the first time in years I actually see something I liked, you guys pull this nonsense. You may have offered a refund, but not everything is about money - you've wasted my time as well. I really hope things turn around for you guys because I've seen what you're capable of, but it doesn't look like it.

I was forced into getting a Banana Republic credit card and I did end up spending a lot of money on it. We did receive coupons which I never can seem to use online. On top of that, they send you a new credit card without any notification via email and since it never arrived, I called customer service to go through all the products I needed again because I was unable to order it and then find out that the new card was not activated. My rewards almost runs out and they can only expedite it for business days no weekends.

The main issue here is that they are unapologetic and make us feel like we are making an absurd claim when they should have notified us that they sent us a new card and that we will not be able to use it. What if I had gone to the store to buy their stuff. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Both Express and Ann Taylor credited my credit card for the returned amount on the same day, which was reflected on my credit card statement.

When I called Banana Republic, I was told that it takes 3 to 5 business days for my account to be credited. I pointed out that 2 stores have already credited my account on the same day of the return. Banana Republic wants to hold on to people's money for 3 to 5 business days. She said, it's their policy, which is written on my return receipt which it isn't!

Then she said, it could take the credit card company 3 to 5 business days to apply the credit. But it's not up to my credit card company. I think, Banana Republic is quick to make the sale take the money , but slow to give it back.

I'm so disappointed with them. It used to be my favorite store, but I've learned my lesson. Last fall I bought a jeans skirt. After a few uses, one button dropped out. The skirt didn't come with a spare button. Yesterday I looked for a replacement at the Banana Republic and the manager told me it was an old model and after the sale, they don't have any responsibility. I asked for some help and all I heard was: The men's store has a greater selection of items made from higher quality fabrics.

This goes for all seasons. Why do you treat men differently? Why do you think that I am not going to want to buy quality products? A great experience today. Lydia, a fresh new face working there told me I could order a larger size online and another salesperson helped me do it.

This store at Oxmoor Center in Louisville is always looking great and all the people working there are always very helpful. I need to change my mobile number for my Banana Republic credit card. The website would not allow me to change it on-line so I called customer service. The first girl I talked to said it was impossible to update my phone number over the phone or on-line. She stated it's the only way BR can maintain their clients' identity so I would receive a letter in the mail days and then I would have to call them??

She cut me off at least 6 times and when I asked to speak with a Supervisor she said "Sure" and hung up on me. I called customer service and spoke with someone else. After 20 minutes of being on the phone he finally changed my number for me. I asked to speak with a Supervisor and he said "Supervisors do not speak with customers. I guess I will be cancelling my credit card and finding new places to shop other than The Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta.

From December to end of January , I have placed 13 orders on their website. When you put items in the basket they should be available. You place your order and then, two weeks after, you receive an email saying the items were canceled. In the meantime you call and call and are told that their items are preparing for shipment What kind of service is that.

It is simply a lottery, you never know what you're gonna get. I have shopped at Banana Republic sporadically due to the fact that the store nearest me closed but there is a store in another state that I visit when I am visiting my daughter.

When I tried to use My Banana Republic credit card, it was denied. I was informed I had zero balance and it had lapsed due to inactivity. When I asked to reopen or reapply, I was then denied. I requested a letter why my husband and I were denied. The credit card holder, Synchrony Bank, was totally inept in giving any answers to my situation. I spoke to 3 different people continually being transferred from department to department.


Redeem Banana Republic gift cards at any Gap, Piperlime, Athleta, Old Navy or Banana Republic store or online. Our gift specialists will be happy to send a Banana Republic gift card, with your personal message, by mail or email. Shop fine fashion and sophisticated trends and save with Banana Republic gift cards at Gift Card Granny. Banana Republic is an accessible luxury brand, offering high-quality apparel for men and women, as well as seasonal collections of accessories, shoes, and personal-care products.5/5(28). The Gift Card may be redeemed for merchandise at any Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Athleta location, including Outlet and Factory stores. Redemption Instore and Online A Giftcard is the perfect gift that always fits - for Birthdays, Anniversary, Thank Yous or any special dvlnpxiuf.gas: