If your kid hasn't written their wish list for Santa yet, but you want to beat the lines and do some shopping in advance, check out these perfect Christmas gift ideas for kids.

That same mastery of fine motor control can spur new abilities in music and art, as well. They have realistic sounds and lights, and easy-to-operate remotes meant for little hands.

The Best Gifts for Boys in Now that you know exactly what to look for when choosing a gift for a boy — Here are our top picks in broken down into each age group.
At FindGift, Christmas gift ideas for boys are creative and fun as well as educational. Find unique gifts that any type of kid will enjoy from indoor toys to outside games.
Online shopping from a great selection at Toys & Games Store.
What do teenagers like, anyway? These awesome gifts for teen boys top the list. From art, music, and sports stuff to cool gadgets, these finds are pretty rad.
Online shopping from a great selection at Toys & Games Store.

If your kid hasn't written their wish list for Santa yet, but you want to beat the lines and do some shopping in advance, check out these perfect Christmas gift ideas for kids.

Finally, there's the intellectual introverts. These boys are your readers, your artists, etc. If the ten-year-old who's sent you to the internet in search of the perfect gift has for himself an extensive library of books and a lot of his own art hanging on the walls, you'd do well to look into art sets or book sets for him. Fascinatingly, whatever group a boy falls into, all boys are interested in gadgets.

It has as much to do with being a young boy as it has being a member of the current young generation of millennials.

Anything that connects to a smart phone is an easy winner, even if you can't find your way into the boy's head. Once a boy gets to be around ten, the gifts you buy for him could less and less be considered toys. Sure, there are gadgets and silly items that'll still please the average ten-year-old, but for the most part the gifts on our list serve physical, educational, or artistic purposes, all while still maintaining a certain degree of fun.

Whatever you want to call them, these gifts and the market for them are all the result of an increase in leisure time. For the majority of human history, by the time you were ten you probably spent most of your day at work, helping out with the family business, which was most likely a farm. If kids these days had any toys to speak of they were the odd doll or the yo-yo, or some such tool of antiquity that's still with us today.

This model held up with few exceptions until the Industrial Revolution came along, took everyone off of the farm, and shoved them into factories and mines. Still, the children here were expected to work, and they did so until enough of them were mangled in enormous machines for the public to stand up and demand change. Once the first couple of generations made it out of the factory system, they had enough wealth built up to allow their children more leisure time, and the market for toys and children's leisure activities grew to megalithic proportions.

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He hopes to one day become a modern day renaissance man. Ezvid Wiki Wiki Reviews Gifts. We spent 45 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. As they get older, it becomes harder to find the right toys for young men. Our varied assortment of year-old boy gifts will make your next Christmas or birthday present expedition a lot easier.

And, as most young men already spend way too much time in front of the TV, hunched over a smartphone or playing video games, all of our options are designed to tax his brain or his body a bit more.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work. Skip to the best 10 year old boy gift on Amazon.

Video Review Resources Ebay Jet. For the artistically inclined young gentleman, the deluxe piece Darice ArtyFacts Portable Art Studio is the perfect gift. It will let him explore many mediums, as it includes markers, pencils, pastels, and watercolors, so he can find out which he likes best.

Handsome wooden storage case Great value for comprehensive kit Watercolors are poor quality. Brand Darice Model Weight 2. Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector. The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector helps get a young man out into nature, be it on the beach or in the woods, and encourages a love of exploring.

It has a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for small hands to hold. Discrimination control Detects coin-sized objects Some kids may find searching boring. It plays like the original game, where players press their buttons to punch left or right in an effort to dismember their opponent. However, they have already introduced numerous new products this year that your kids will want. It has a sort of paintball gun feel to it, using small round balls that are dropped into the top of the tank.

Best of all, it uses Dolby Atmos for headphones which uses moving audio that sweeps around you and above you in the most realistic way it also comes with a prepaid code for it. MicroSD cards have gone way down in price, and now is the best time to pick one up. And, it makes for one of the best gifts for boys in because virtually all of their electronic devices can benefit from it.

Whether they frequently complain that their smartphone is out of storage, or their tablet needs new life, or they need a storage option for their GoPro, the SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSD card is a great choice.

It has a rustic design, and it uses quality cream, unlined paper pages. The Amazon Echo has come a long way since its rocky launch last year. Instead of the barebones experience it once was, the Amazon Echo has a lot of great features and apps that your kids will absolutely love. Not only does it play all of your music from Amazom Prime, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more, but it also allows for hands-free convenience.

Still, GoSports Slammo is a fun game to play with their friends that will keep them active. Wireless earbuds have come a long way since their original introduction to techies. Now, they are built to last, and deliver great sound. This pair of 1byOne Bluetooth Sport Wireless Earbuds are absolutely perfect for your kids to wear around the house, while playing, or on their way to and from school.

Not only do they have a great bright, neon green color to them, they also use a high quality Panasonic battery for longer battery life. They connect to any smartphone or tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device. But Logitech has set out to prove that stigma false, and the G wireless gaming mouse has a lot to love about it. Dawn of Justice , they can at least sound like the Dark Knight. The mask is perfect for role-playing, and it plays sounds from the movie as well.

RC cars have come a long way since the hobby first started up. Now, it seams as though every new RC car to hit the market aims to be the fastest or the fastest for the money, rather. Plus, it is one of the coolest-looking RC cars on the market. Kids are all about competition, and just about every child in their early to late teens has a Fitbit or something similar to track their activity to compare it with their friends and family.

They are both highly functional and stylish. Kids will be able to accurately track their daily stats like number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and the like all from a smartphone app or their desktop.

Creating competition through technology is a great way to start them on the right path towards living a healthy lifestyle in the future. At one point, we all cringed at the thought of not owning a fitted hat. But those days are over, and now the world has moved onto the classic look of a snapback cap. It takes strategy and wit to beat your opponent in a game of Kubb. Of course, it also requires throwing skill and good aim. There are two teams, and players layout their kubbs as they see fit.

The object of the game is to be the first team to knock over the king the biggest kubb. Your kids will always be cool just the way they are right now, but these Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan 1 Retro High GG Basketball shoes will take their level of cool to an entirely new level, at least among their peers.

The mulberry, dark grey and black are the best-looking colorway available, and they create an undeniably clean look. Plus, they look great with a variety of different clothes, from jeans to shorts.

In dino mode, it can even walk. It converts between each in just 6 steps. It also comes with a Brunt Tank vehicle, three weapon accessories, two scanner accessories, two blaster stands, two loading ramps, and two connectors. Trypticon wants to obliterate his enemies from existence entirely, and in his battle station mode with two cannons, he can do that with no problems. In my binge-watching experience, the best streaming media device for the money is the Roku 3. Skateboarding is a great way for kids and adults to express themselves.

Sure, you could go the simple route and buy him a complete skateboard deck, but what kind of fun is that? Buy them a blank skateboard deck , some paint, and let them pick their own grip tape. And, this bundle comes with the mic, studio headphones and a pop filter. Think of it this way: Learning the guitar is incredibly tough, and it takes a lot of practice. When inflated, it measures 30 by 15 by inches, and it weights It has a pound maximum capacity.

It makes for a great gift for older boys entering into their teens. The Arris FPV is one of the best racing drones to buy right now, as it comes pre-assembled and nearly ready to fly. Customizing things, especially his bedroom, will always pique his interest. With the LIFX app, you can pick from various premade scenes and colors, or you can use a color wheel to choose your own from over 16 million available colors.

You can change the brightness as well, and there are also some cool effects like giving it a candle-like flicker, strobe, or various other movement abilities.

Sure, you could also pick him up any of the cool super soakers that are currently available, but how about something with a unique spin? It awesomely attaches to the front of a bike and sits on the handlebars, so he can easily aim and shoot without having to get off of his bike. Amazon has the best deals at the moment for toys, almost all with free delivery! Here you can find their Top toys page: No more comments found. Updated Oct 16, at Published Oct 12, at 9: This scooter is fully foldable for easy transport, and the handlebars are adjustable to accommodate a number of heights.

It has a rear brake for easy stopping and foam handles for comfort. The LEGO Batman Movie was a hit in theaters in , and any elementary-aged boy would love to have it available to watch over and over again. Instead of simply giving them a gift card to buy it on their own, this option allows you to purchase a unique download code. Simply give them a card with download instructions and the access code, and watch their eyes light up as they read. Whether following the included instructions or making their own creation, the excitement gets kicked up a notch when their engineering marvel lights up at the end.

There are so many ways to get boys excited about the world around them — and the best way is to make it messy and fun. This collection of simple science experiments will help them explore scientific phenomena and learn why different things happen in ways that kids will understand.

This licensed Minecraft-themed set has many of the accessories that are found in the online game including Steve and Alex, a Creeper, and a sheep. You might not know what any of those things are, but trust me — your little Minecraft fan does.

The Pokemon lover in your life needs a place to store all their trading cards and keep them safe. This nerf gun holds up to 6 darts for rapid-fire action, and loads the next round easily. Make sure to buy a bunch of darts to go with the gift so they can play for hours and not run out. They are stretchy to accommodate different hand sizes and the fingertips can change colors in six different modes.

Most eight-year-olds already have quite the collection of Legos, and this book will allow them to teach their bricks new tricks.

It also comes with a few new Lego pieces, balls, and strings to complete their Rube Goldberg-like creations. With good messages of teamwork, parents will also be happy with the content of these books.

This set includes eight chapter books. There are few things more mesmerizing than setting up a giant row of dominos and watching them cascade. And with dominos in a number of bright colors, the opportunities for fun are endless. This collection of silly yet kid-appropriate jokes will keep kids laughing for hours while their parents endlessly roll their eyes, and maybe even chuckle a time or two.

This trick car can even drive up walls and windows. The battery is charged via USB or the included charging cable. Some boys are more athletic than others — but this gift can be enjoyed by all.

Rockets are amazingly good fun, and this kid-powered one will let them see how far they can make it blast off. It comes with three rockets and all the parts fit neatly in the base for easy storage. With volumes in this classic series, this starter set of the first five books will get them hooked. The family-friendly mysteries are easy to read and thrilling to follow. These books can help instill a lifelong love of reading in the active, adventurous boy.

This innovative pen allows kids to bring their creative dreams to life. It heats up in 30 seconds and automatically shuts off if left idle for 5 minutes. There are many different-colored filaments that can be used to make lots of different creations. Help a kiddo to upgrade their swingset or backyard tree with this fun, unique swing. While regular swings feel juvenile after a certain age, this flying saucer design will let kids swing wildly with their friends — and it holds up to pounds.

This gift is part toy, part science lesson. Kids build a photo sensor, flashing light, and adjustable-volume siren while learning about electrical engineering — all without the need for soldering or wires. This buggy-style car with oversized wheels will easily navigate off-road terrain.

The transmitter is easy to operate and allows full control of the vehicle which can travel at speeds up to 10 miles per hour. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series is all the rage among the nine-year-old boy set, and the newest one is being released November 7th. Help them get their hands on the latest edition of this franchise that has both age-appropriate humor and plenty of illustrations to keep the story moving.

Getting a child to keep their room clean is no easy feat, but it becomes a little more manageable with this bedroom accessory. This paperback collection of the best of the past 50 years of Mad Libs comes packed with over different fill-in-the-blank stories. With a blaster, target, and 10 suction-cup nerf darts this toy will let a child play either independently or have a fun competition with his friends. It has a light beam for extra help with targeting and the target itself can either stand up or be hung on a door.

Boys love customizing their bikes, and this light set will not only keep them safe but will make their bike look ultra-cool, too. For the young sports enthusiast, this book will rock their world.

This entry-level telescope comes with three different magnification eyepieces and is manufactured with high-quality, low-dispersion glass for optimal viewing clarity. It can be used to view the moon and other bodies, or for wildlife viewing. It was designed with young astronomers in mind so the size and complexity are compatible with their skill levels.

Keep kids from having to wait for the next book to be available at the library by buying the the whole series all at once. Available in Hardcover, Paperback, or via Kindle, this gift will keep them lost in the story for months.

Seriously WHAT is the deal with slime? Help the tween in your life make their coolest batch yet with this DIY kit that has everything they need to make glow-in-the-dark slime, gross and clear goo, and color-changing slime.

This will help kids develop the healthy habit of saving money and combine it with a fun electronic toy. Kids choose their own ATM passcode and it accepts both coins and bills — even electronically grabbing and storing the bills just like a real ATM.

Sometimes a nice, low-key gift is just what kids or their parents need. This combines the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding with the classic characters and vehicles of Star Wars. With varying degrees of difficulty, this book also includes specially-designed origami paper with art from the movies. By this age, kids are bound to start out-maturing their juvenile or character-themed bike helmets. Kids are loyal to their team through-and-through. They can either use it for extra seating in their room when their friends come over, or save it for summer camping trips.

This action-packed game is made for anyone ten and older, so you know the content will be appropriate. Sometimes kids need toys that have no educational value and are simply meant to play. One is even electronic and makes accompanying Hulk sounds as they play. It includes sets and props and walks kids through some DIY stop-motion movies using free apps and a tablet or smartphone.

Kids can also write their own scripts and create their own movies using other Lego sets and accessories they may have. In a world where the school scene seems to get more challenging every day, this engaging book shows how the same principles used by Navy SEALs can help kids get through middle school, too. Ah, Star Wars…the timeless classic. This toy lets kids put together their own Droid and then teach it new tricks and complete Star Wars-themed missions through a downloadable app.

This will help foster creativity along with teaching a multitude of engineering skills. Any showman will be thrilled to get this collection of magic tricks. Whether performing for family or impressing their friends on the playground, they can easily learn the tricks of the trade by watching the included instructional DVD. The storage suitcase also doubles as a performance table so all of the accessories can stay confined to one place instead of taking up residence throughout the entire house. These fun movies are filled with action, adventure, mishaps, and jokes that will still appeal to the tween-age crowd.

Do you have a video game lover on your hands? This award-winning toy will let them build their own! It uses both physical and digital tools, and the video game creation platform can be used on any Apple IOS, Android, or Kindle Fire device. The classic Battleship game is fun for any age and is super engaging for tween boys. The portable cases keep all of the pieces contained, and this version contains two additional plastic planes for extra battleship excitement.

Not all boys are into football or baseball — some prefer a different kind of athletics. Smaller-statured kids need special golf clubs to be able to play well, and these were made specifically with year old boys in mind. It comes with seven different appropriately-sized clubs and a stand bag to carry them in.

How excited will a baseball lover be when they get an official MLB baseball — just like they use in the big leagues? Active boys need to get outside and play. It also comes with a bag for easy storage. This light-up one takes the novelty up a notch, crafted of transparent acrylic that lets kids put on a fun fidget-spinner show in the dark.

The LED lights should last practically forever and will enhance any tricks that the user performs. This award-winning toy is an easy introduction to programming. It can be played with in-app games, but does not necessarily need a mobile device to be used. This game is six challenging puzzles in one. Boys love gross things. This encyclopedia-style book will help get them interested in history, too, as it spills the details about actual historical events and the real, surprising and sometimes disgusting details surrounding them.

You can even buy additional accessories to mechanically power the train once assembled. There are other sets in the Christmas collection, too, so this might just be the first gift in what becomes a tradition — each year, you buy them more of the Christmas village.

This mini-motorcycle is perfect for playing around in the driveway or parking lots. This three-pack of trick gum will either give them a shock, a squirt, or a quick snap. They resemble actual gum packs to trick friends or family, and deliver safe and harmless fun — and chuckles. The gift pack also comes with several strings and a glove.

Add a book of yo-yo tricks to make the gift complete. This book designed for kids takes them through brain teasers and games — and also walks them through activities that will give their brain a rest. Not only is it fun and promotes problem-solving skills, but can also give them tips on how to relax in the midst of their rigorous middle-school curriculum.

Few things are more important to a teen boy than their music. These top-of-the-line wireless headphones are compatible with their wireless device for easy listening and also come with a RemoteTalk cable to keep them connected with their phone at all times.

There are even buttons on the side of the headphones that allow them to control their phones. Even better — the battery lasts 40 hours per charge. Teen boys deserve to know what a good shave feels like, too. This lithium-ion rechargeable razor is effective, easy to use, and still affordable. And the four-directional flex heads allow them to safely shave over the curves of their face, avoiding accidental cuts.

A teen can build their very own globe with this piece 3D puzzle.

Our personalized Christmas gifts for boys will seem like they came straight from Santa. Imagine popping in a CD of his favorite animated characters and hearing them talk about him! Or reading a storybook where he is the main character. At FindGift, Christmas gift ideas for boys are creative and fun as well as educational. Find unique gifts that any type of kid will enjoy from indoor toys to outside games. 20 Gifts That Tween Boys Will Totally Love. Two words: laser tag. Plus, check out our best gift ideas for tween girls! View Gallery 21 Photos 1 of Taco Socks Christmas Gifts Kids Will.